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Hairstyles & Haircuts With Hair Bangs

Bangs are especially ideal for women with a wide forehead. The large area structure balances perfectly. The important thing is to get great results by choosing the appropriate bangs according to your face shape. While long bangs that come under the eyebrows are preferred for a long face, minimal bangs for a short face are ideal.

The farther back the bangs start, the thicker it will look. Bangs are the right choice for those who want to change their appearance without sacrificing the length of their hair. You can use the bangs straight curly or wavy. There are many different types of explosions. The straight side pixie fringe is a variety of wavy curly micro long asymmetric bangs.

Bangs will give excellent results according to face shapes. Long and dense bangs starting from the top in the shape of a square face are ideal. The oval face shape is also very lucky with bangs. Every bang looks perfect on the oval face. If it is in the shape of a triangle, side bangs will be the right choice.

In the form of a round face, bangs that will make the face look narrow and camouflage the cheeks should be used. Micro, triangular or thin bangs are ideal for you if you have a narrow forehead.