21 Amazing Blonde Box Braids to Spice Up Your Style



Golden blonde box braids, box braid models are very feminine and distinctive in blonde hair. Blonde hair tone is assertive with light skin and dark skin tones.


Blonde box braids hair, braids in a light hair tone express themselves very well. This season for women, you can use both savior and protective box braids in blonde hair tone.


Blonde box braids wig, blonde hair tone is one of the most harmonious colors for African braids. Braids in blonde hair tone are distinctly stylish and feminine.


Honey blonde box braids on light skin, you can make a quick start to the season this summer with long yellow box braids. Box knitting models are styles that you can use in the thickness and length you want.


Blonde crochet box braids, you can style the yellow box braids sideways or backwards. These models are stylish and casual styles that are cool in every styling.


Red blonde brown box braids, blonde hair tone is stylish, feminine and trendy colors every season. You can also evaluate these reflections of the blonde hair tone in box knitting models.


Blonde box braids 27/613, box knitting models are assertive with their cool, marginal and ease in every hair tone. Yellow ombres will add an extra dimension to these braids.


Blonde box braids dark skin, with its natural and feminine style, the blonde hair tone shows the same effect in every hairstyle. African braids are stylish, modern and quite cool in blonde hair color with dark and light tones.


Blonde and black box braids on dark skin, you can also use box braid models in short hairstyles such as pixie. These models give you the opportunity to grow your hair perfectly and to the length you want.


Strawberry blonde box braids, box knitting models, which have become increasingly popular all over the world in recent years, are the favorite models of women with their elegance, ease and comfort. Every hair tone is perfect for these braids.


Box braids blonde and brown, you can combine box knitting models with bun models. Especially giant buns are very cool, stylish and modern styles in blonde hair tone.


Ombre platinum blonde box braids, you can use box knitting models with open ball or semi-ball models. High ponytail models are also very cool and assertive with box braids.


Ginger and blonde box braids, giant buns with box braids are especially assertive on short and small face shapes. This model will help your face appear longer.


Ombre blonde knotless box braids, thanks to the box braid models, your hair always looks stylish and cool in the ready position. These models will never give you a bad hair day.


Blonde brown box braids, you can use brown skin-colored box braids in dark blonde hair tones. Dark blonde hair tone is the ideal choice for your dark skin tone.


Copper blonde box braids, box knitting models, which will make you very comfortable especially in the summer months, are the ideal choices with their elegance, comfort and ease. You can enjoy the elegance and comfort by using these models in summer.


Grey and blonde box braids, thanks to the box knitting models, you have the opportunity to see how many hair tones can stand on you. Box braids in blonde hair tones are very stylish, feminine and distinctive.


Blonde and rainbow box braids, thanks to the box knitting models, both your hair and you will have the opportunity to rest for a while. This season, you can give these braids a chance with blonde hair tone.


Blonde goddess box braids, box knitting models are protective, savior and effortless elegance. These models are very stylish and impressive with yellow caramel and gray hair tones.


Dirty blonde box braids, you can use box braids with micro or jumbo styles. In blonde hair tone, micro-dark hair tone, jumbo braids are assertive.


27 blonde box braids, bun or half bun models are stylish styles that you can combine with box knitting models. The yellow color will take the volume to the next level in these braids.

Box knitting models are stylish styles that you can use in the thickness and length you want. Box braids in blonde hair tone are more distinctively stylish and feminine. You can use dark skin-colored box braids with caramel hair tones. In light skin tones, box braids are assertive with platinum blonde hair tones. You can use box knitting models as open or semi-collectible. Giant bun models are very cool and impressive in box braids with blond hair tone. You can use yellow hair tone in box knitting models with one color or different colors. In ombre and balayage styles, yellow glitters are the perfect complement to these braids.

Blonde Box Braids

One of the most preferred styles of African braids is box braids. Thanks to the box knitting models, your hair will always be in a ready position. Box knitting models, which are increasing their popularity day by day, are low-maintenance and very easy styles. You can revive box knitting models with tiny beads and create stylish styles. You can highlight your beautiful face by using box braids with semi-bulk styles. This model is quite cool, young and feminine styles, especially in the blonde hair tone. Box braids are cool styles that you can use with side or middle separations according to your face shape.

Side partings make a name for themselves with their cool style and modern stance in almost every face shape. You can easily use box braid models on straight, wavy, curly thin, medium or thick hair. This season, these braids are models that prove their success in blonde hair tone. Box knitting models are also frequently preferred by celebrities. You can choose box braids with caramel tones on your dark skin and ashy yellow tones on your light skin this season.


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